Hello, I'm Cristian Ruben

The Rescue Cat & Dog Filmmaker

I created the first non-profit organization (501-3C) of its kind in response to my heart’s desire to help abandoned cats and dogs.  i Film Heroes is an advocacy organization focused on capturing real-life heroes who rescue cats and dogs.

Any donation will help make an impact. Thank you.

“There’s a crisis looming in the world of animal welfare, one that can’t be ignored.”

Brand with a Cause

Advocating for the voiceless, one wag at a time. How filming with me can help your brand…

Filming your Employees

By participating in the cat and dog rescue initiative, your company not only helps animals but also improves the community. This initiative promotes animal welfare, strengthens community ties, encourages volunteerism, enhances quality of life, and fosters a positive public image. Your involvement demonstrates social responsibility and community involvement, and provides a unique opportunity for your employees to develop new skills and contribute to a worthy cause.


Sponsoring animal rescue organizations can enhance a company’s brand image, cultivate customer loyalty, and strengthen their reputation as socially responsible entities. It aligns the brand with a meaningful cause, creating a distinct and memorable image that resonates with customers over the long term. This approach is effective in building strong customer relationships due to its association with impactful storytelling and positive outcomes in animal rescue efforts.

Addressing Animal Welfare

Cat and Dog rescues play a crucial role in addressing the issue of animal welfare within the community. By filming your employees actively participating in rescue efforts, you highlight the importance of providing care, shelter, and love to abandoned or mistreated animals. This creates awareness and encourages community members to adopt or support local rescue organizations.

The Benefits of Donating $2,500

Your business name, logo and credits at the beginning and end of the film. Drone footage and walkthrough of your business. Tax receipt and copy of the film for your social media and website

Why Media & Film?

Our Objective

To advocate, educate, and inspire everyone to participate in the rescue crusade by highlighting in-need animals and the people behind their second chances, around all 50 states, through documentaries and real-life films.

Our  longterm  mission  is  to  ensure  that  no  animal  is  left  behind.

Introducing Faces 4 Rescues

Transform Your Skin, Transform Their Lives!

At Faces4Rescues, we’re not just a skincare brand; we’re on a mission to bring radiance to your skin while illuminating the incredible efforts of those in the trenches saving stray and homeless cats and dogs. What sets us apart? We’re proud to share that 100 percent of our sales go towards filming these heartwarming stories as a nonprofit initiative.

Support & Involvement

We believe that with your support, we can expand our impact on a larger scale. Your engagement with our mission would help us create the opportunities we need to film more stories and help more dogs and cats find better homes.

How you can help

Monetary. In Kind. Social Media Sharing. Partnering. Sponsoring. Collaborating

Get Involved