Our Board

Cristian Ruben


Cristian Ruben is a filmmaker and documentarian with a unique mission – to record the stories of individual rescuers and rescue groups who help homeless cats and dogs. He captures their journeys with sometimes heartbreaking images, aiming to inspire viewers to act and empathize with the plight of these animals.

It’s evident from watching “iFilm Heroes” movies or speaking with Cristian that his dedication to getting dramatic pictures comes from a deep love for our animals. He feels their pain and tries to ensure that viewers can empathize with them too.

These animals are often lost, abandoned, and left to fend for themselves in hostile environments. However, thanks to Cristian Ruben and his 501(c)(3) iFilm Heroes, they are not forgotten. The organization was founded for the purpose of telling the stories of rescue cats and dogs and inspiring people to help.

Kerriana Wray

Vice President, Director, Consultant

Kerriana Wray is an experienced advocate for animal rescue, specializing in cats and dogs. She is an ideal candidate for director and consultant at iFilm Heroes. Kerriana has a deep understanding of all aspects of rescue operations, and is an exceptional leader who fosters collaboration among teams and volunteers. She is passionate about animal rescue and responsible pet ownership, and her advocacy has led to increased awareness and support within her community.

Heather Walters

Treasurer, CFO, Secretary, Consultant

Heather Walters is an essential member of “iFilm Heroes,” an organization dedicated to rescuing and improving the lives of cats and dogs. She holds multiple official roles within the organization and is personally dedicated to rescuing and rehoming animals. Heather’s compassionate dedication and expertise make her an indispensable asset to “iFilm Heroes.”

Reina Sang


Reina Sang is a CEO and well-known personality in the music industry. Her diverse musical background has made her a versatile artist. She creates original scores for various projects and collaborates with other artists. Reina is also the CEO of “iFilm Heroes”, a non-profit organization dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of animals. She works tirelessly to raise awareness and support for animal welfare through fundraising events, public outreach, and hands-on volunteer work. Overall, Reina is an inspiring individual who leaves a positive impact on both the music industry and the lives of animals.